• DOWNLOADING A17-Experimental
  • 1) Right click on 7 Days to Die in your steam library
  • 2) Select "Properties" at the bottom of the list
  • 3) Click on the "Betas" tab at the far right
  • 4) Click on the drop down opt-in menu
  • 5) Click on latest_experimental
  • --------------------------------------------------

ITS TIME TO VOTE - Please take your time to vote

This poll will run for 5 days until Sunday 2/12 20:00 CET

First vote is about wiping map/player data


And this vote is about lowering the zombie difficulty to focus more on PvP


Votes have ended, wipe when stable comes out is a YES - Changing difficulty when stable comes out is a NO

Alpha 17 Experimental is HERE

To connect use the following infomation

7dtd.blumse.dk:26700 or

[EU] blumse.dk - PvP - Admins - Alpha 17

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